Herbert Morrison Technical High School

Strength and Perseverance

HMTHS Demography

School Name: Herbert Morrison Technical High School

Address: P.O. Box 526, Montego Bay #2, St James, Jamaica

Tel #: (876) 952-5388

Fax #: (876) 940-0428

School Code: 08078

Ministry #: 08078

School Region: 4

Exam Board #: CXC - 0047 / GCE - 4235/NCTVET/City and Guilds

Status of School: Government Owned

Type of School: Technical

Grade of School: 4

Age range: 11+ - 19+

Enrollment: 1557

Entrance Requirement: GSAT 11+, GNAT / JHSC Gr 9 14+

No. of Classes: 5 Gr 7's, 5 Gr 8's, 7 Gr 9's, 10 Gr 10's, 10 Gr 11's,               3 Gr 12's and 2 Gr 13 

School Programme: General education in grades 7 - 9. The following options are offered in grades 10 & 11: Science, Arts, Business, Home Economics, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Building Technology(Woods), Auto Mechanics and General Studies, Economics and Building Technology Construction

Exams Offered: CXC, GCE and NCTVET

Teaching Staff: 84

No. of rooms / labs: 42 rooms and 18 labs.

HMTHS Philosophy

The aims of Herbert Morrison Technical High School are to:

  1. Provide each student with hands-on experience in at least one technical / vocational area to enable him / her to cope with technological changes.

  2. Provide the oportunity for all students to experience a broad and balanced education.

  3. Enable each student to realize his / her potential in all areas of educational experiences.

  4. Prepare students to appreciate the value of co-operative living.

  5. Assist students with the transition into further studies and the job market <

HMTHS History

The school was opened on September 13, 1976 as a secondary institution with J. L. Whinstanley as principal. There was a certain amount of vacillation about its name, but eventually settled as Catherine Hall High School. After a few years it was changed to Comprehensive and then to Herbert Morrison Comprehensive High School, being named after Dr. Herbert Morrison, philanthropist.

The school started with 480 students: 240 in grade 7, 120 in grade 8 and 120 in grade 9. The grades 8 & 9 students were selected by the school, via tests and interviews. There were 16 teachers. Twelve classrooms were in place but hardly any other facilities. There were no canteen, very basic science equipment and a limited number of tools for serious work in the practical areas.

For the succeeding years after opening, the number of CEE (Common Entrance Examination) students fluctuated and the school had to be setting tests at that level to select students. This pattern stopped eventually and the full intake of 240 grade 7 students from CEE became the norm.

The curriculum at the time was quite general but an effort was made to ensure that each student upon graduating was exposed to a practical subject.

The school was changed to a technical school in 1988. Additional workshops and facilities were provided with GOJ and USAID. The curriculum underwent a major overhaul and all students on the completion of grade 9 were placed in specific courses.

There has been significant upgrading in several areas of the school (e.g. computer lab, science lab and business department) that has contributed significantly to the school's overall performance. Not only has there been major upgrading of the physical plant, but also human resources in the form of development workshops. The school is indebted to the technical development programme under the able leadership of Mrs. Loveda Jones.

Mission Statement

HMTHS Mission Statement

The mission of this school is to provide each student with hands-on experience in at least one technical / vocational area to enable him / her to cope with technological change; to educate and train for effective production in the modern world.

HMTHS.COM Mission Statement

  1. To promote Herbert Morrison Technical High School, by showcasing the school, its staff, its students (past and present) and their accomplishments in and out of the classroom.

  2. To create an online community that will:
  • Foster a strong network of HMTHS past students.
  • Serve as the major interface for communication among HMTHS past students world wide.
  • Create increased awareness among past students about what is happening at Herbert Morrison.

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