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The Herbert Morrison Technical High School would like to establish the available programs that offer.

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College Prep. Programme

1)What is the College Prep. Programme?

The college Prep programme is a comprehensive training course which prepare students for all sections of the SAT Reasoning Test including, Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing. It also involves other areas of support for the student in regard to their placement in international Universities. There is also a component which encourages the student to participate in a volunteerism project.

 2)What is the duration of the programme and when does it begin?

The College Prep Programme run for three consecutive months (12-13 weeks )

'for October SAT Exam Sitting - Tutoring runs July 11, 2011 - October 7,2011                        'For January SAT Exam Sitting - Tutoring runs October 24,2011-January 20,2012                    'For June SAT Exam Sitting - Tutoring runs February 21,2011 - May 27,2011

3)What is the tuition Cost?

The cost of the programme is J$64,000(including the cost of SAT text) 

4)Is there a cost for registration for the programme?

There is a non-refundable registration cost of J$1,500

5)Are there payment plan available?

We require a deposit of one half of the tuition cost (j$30,000)before the beginning of instruction and the balance within a month.

Special payment plans are accommodated on a case-by-case basis

6)What does process of enrollment involve?

In order to secure a place in the college Prep. Programme, the student is required to complete a registration form,pay the J$1,500 registration fee and submit to quality Academics. Students are required to pay the tuition fees at least three weeks prior to the start of the classes. Failure to pay the tuition fee within the required time may result in the student losing their place in that particular cohort.

7)Explain what is the involved in the international student placement components in this programme. 

Selection of University                                                                                                     Before choosing a University, our student applicants will thoroughly research the degree programme offered at various US and Canadian Colleges and Universities with one of our counsellors. This is to ensure that desired Programme and majors are identified.

Application/Entrance Essay/personal statement

Properly completed application forms, entrance essays and personal statement allows admissions officers/panels to assess a student's writing ability and provide the institution with information about the student's personal background. In order to secure placements, we will guide our students in the application and essay-writing process and provide the support required to produce a meaningful,well-written personal statement.

Immigration and travel

We provide meaningful advice regarding the Do's and Don't s of the visa interview process for the United States and Canada. Furthermore, we also guide our students on issues surrounding maintaining legal student status, finding works opportunities and matriculating towards graduation.

Financial Aid

We assist our students in the International Student Loan application process and also in identifying available Scholarship along with guiding them in completing the relevant application forms to increase the likelihood of success.

8)Explain what is involved in the volunteerism components of the college Prep. Programme.

College and universities are attracted to students who exhibits a wide range of interests and experiences. Full time QA students will be encouraged to join one of our services clubs. Additionally, students are encouraged to participate in a structured community service programme.

9)What are the pre-requisites for enrolling in the College Prep. Programme?

Four (4) CSEC Subjects (including Mathematics and English with grades of 1 or 11). Students not satisfying these pre-requisites must do an entrance examination before the start of the course. 

10)Where are the College Prep. Classes Held?

Serving Kingston - 7 Adrenne Road, Kingston 10                                                                  Serving Western Jamaica - Herbert Morrison Technical High School in Montego Bay; Omnics Morris @4356459                                                                                     

11)What are the Class times?

Classes are designed with our students in mind. Students can choose from our day, evening and weekend class options.

Spring 2011 at Quality Academics: Monday-Thursday at 5:00pm-7:00pm OR Saturdays & Sundays at 12:00-3:00pm

Spring 2011 at Herbert Morrison: *Tuesday and Thursdays at 3:30-6:00pm

12)Where are the SAT exams held? And what is the cost for sitting the exam?

Exams are held at priory, AISK and St. Andrew High in Kingston and Belair in Mandeville . The Cost for early exam registration is currently $75 which can be paid online using a US$ credit card. Student who do not have access to a US$ Credit Card mat use Quality Academics' credit card at an additional cost of US$5.00.

13)How are course fees paid? 

Registration Fees (j$1,500) are paid to any NCB branch to Quality Academics acc# 301021100.Paid in Jamaican Dollar only.

Tuition Fees are paid in Jamaican dollars. The amount of $64,000 should be paid to quality Academics acc.# 301021100 

14)How long is the exam?

3 Hours ad 45 Minutes

15)What components make up the SAT and how is the test scored?

The exam is divided into 10 sections. There are 3 critical Reading sections, 3 Math sections, 3 Writing section and 1 Experimental section.

Each section is worth 200-800 points. those scores are added to get your total score of 600-2400.



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